Alpaca Lotta Fun Farm, LLC
Alpacas for Sale in North Carolina

Moyock, North Carolina (between Virginia Beach VA & Outer Banks, NC)

We are a Veteran owned small family farm situated about one hour from Virginia Beach, VA and one and a half hours from the Outer Banks, NC.  We started building our alpaca farm in April 2014 from the ground up, pulling fences and raising barns to get it ready to bring our first alpacas home.
Our alpaca farm is on 10-acres and was established in October, 2014.  We started with five male alpacas and have quickly grown our herd to its current size of 9 adult/juvenile/yearling males, 5 pregnant females and four nursing females with crias (2 male and 2 female crias).  We have had seven crias born on our farm since we brought our first group of females home in April of 2015.
Alpacas are very gentle creatures, quirky and curious and very easy to manage.  They come in a variety of colors and each has their own unique personality.  Here at Alpaca Lotta Fun Farm, we have a herd full of a variety of colors to include greys, browns, tan, white, black and one multi-colored black and white.
The mission of our farm is to bring quality alpacas into our lives and those of others.  We focus on breeding and raising our alpacas for their fiber and the products we benefit from the sale of their fiber.  

Call us to arrange to stop in for a visit and get to know and love these amazing animals....who knows, you might even go home as new owners!